Passport Fees ; Passport Cards, $30, $15 ; Processing Fees, $35, $ Fees ; Fees for Adult Applicants (16 years or older) · Passport Book Only, $ · Passport Card Only, $30 ; Fees for Minor Applicants (under 16 years old) · Passport. Fees. Please Note: Payment for Passport Books, Passport Cards, Expedited Processing and Day Shipping should all be combined onto one check PER APPLICANT and. Passport book (valid for international travel) ; Adults (16 years and above, Minors (15 years and below) ; Application Fee: Check, Cashier's Check or Money Order. Step 1: Gather Documents Early · Step 2: Prepare Your Application Package · Step 3: Schedule an Appointment · Step 4: Pay Passport Acceptance & Processing Fees.

Passport Application Fee(payable to the US Department of State), $, Passport Application Fee(payable to the US Department of State) ; Expedite Fee(payable. Fees ; Passport Card - Age 16 and older: $30 check or money order to U.S. Department of State and $35 check or cash to Clerk of Court, $65 ; Passport Renewal Fee. APPLY FOR BOTH AND SAVE $ Cost for first-time adults is $ and cost for first-time children is $ REAL ID: Passport books and cards are approved IDs. Passport Fees ; - Adult · $ ; - Adult Expedited · $ ; - Child · $ ; - Child Expedited · $ Passport Fees ; Passport Application Fee (payable to the US Department of State), $, Passport Application Fee (payable to the US Department of State). Passport card · Adult: $30 to the U.S. Department of State · Child: $15 to the U.S. Department of State plus: · $35 acceptance fee to the County of San Diego. Use this online form to pay your DS U.S. Passport Application Fee. Please Note: Use this online form ONLY to pay for. +. Routine Processing Costs · Passport Application Fee. Pay to the U.S. Department of State via check or money order. (Cash or credit card NOT accepted.) $ Processing Fees · $35 execution fee per application · $ additional for overnight expedite from Skyline College · $16 passport photo fee (optional). Passport application fees are paid to the U.S. Department of State with a check or money order only. Processing and passport photo fees must be paid to the. +. Routine Processing Costs · Passport Application Fee. Pay to the U.S. Department of State via check or money order. (Cash or credit card NOT accepted.) $

Fees · Department of State Expedited Passport Processing Service is available for an additional $ Please add $ to your Application Fee. · Express Mail. Go to our Passport Fees page to learn about specific fees. When applying at an acceptance facility, you will need to pay two fees. The first “execution fee” is. Passport Card ; Adult, Renewal · $30, $0 ; Minor: Under 16, -, $15, $ One check/money order payable to the “University of Iowa Passport Office” covers the $35 execution fee. Notes. Money orders/cashier's checks are issued through. First-time Adult Passport Book. $ $ DS – First-time Adult Passport Card. $ $ DS – First-time Adult Passport Book & Card. $ $ DS – Fees ; Passport Card (Age 16 and Older), $30 ; Passport Card (Age 15 and Under), $15 ; Expedite Processing, $60 ; Overnight return for expedited passport, $ Adult fees start at $ and minor fees start at $ A separate fee of $35 is paid to our office by cash or card. Photo services are also available for an. Passport Fees ; Adults (Age 16 and older), $30, $35 ; Adults: Renewal (Applying with form DS by mail), $30, $0 ; Minors (Under age 16), $15, $ Passport Fees paid to U.S. Department of State* ; Minors, Adults ; Passport Book, $, $ ; Passport Card, $15, $

To request expedited service, pay the $60 expedited service fee for each application, in addition to the required fees above. Passport book day delivery . $15 Standard application for passport card for children (under the age of 16); $60 Fee to expedite application (additional per person). Facility Acceptance. For a $15 fee, your passport photo may be taken at many of the Post Office facilities that accept passport applications. Please check with your local Post. Expedite Service for faster processing: Additional fee for expedited service is $ · Passport Photos: $ for one(1) 2x2 passport photo. · Notarized Passport. $ (payable to Clerk of Court). Routine Service Passport Card Fees – Children 15 & Under. • $ Passport Card Fee (payable to U.S. Department of State).

Overseas U.S. Adult Passport Renewal Fee Use this form to pay your application fee if submitting a DS Passport Renewal application while outside the United. $ 2 to 3 weeks. Processing times begin the day we receive your application at a passport agency or center, not the day you mail your application or apply. Fees The fee is $ if you are renewing a passport, are able to submit your most recent passport, and are eligible to renew with form DS If you are.

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